Best induction cooker in India

Induction cookers are becoming highly popular as a result of the hassle-free cooking experience they provide. Not only that, but they’re also more efficient, allowing you to cook up to 50% faster, making them an excellent choice in general. However, it would be best to consider numerous factors while buying the best induction cooker in India, including power, cooking time, controls, shape, and cooking possibilities.

We’ve considered these variables and compiled a list of the top induction cookers in India to make things easy for you.

Best Induction Cooker in India: 2021 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

People give a lot of thought to moving forward with technology, which alters old work methods. Cooking is the specific purpose here; the traditional way is to use a gas burner, and the first step is to utilize an induction cooker. However, many questions arise when using an induction cooker, making it difficult for individuals to proceed. We’re here to assist folks in escaping the chaos. This article discusses the best induction cooker in India.

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Philips 2100Watts Induction Cooktop

Philips 2100Watts Induction CooktopIn the Indian market, Philips is one of the most popular and well-known household brands with a 2100 watt induction cooktop. Philips’ Viva range is a set of high-efficiency items.

The Viva collection’s HD4928/01 cooktop features a microcrystal plate and is elegant and attractive. Because it’s small and portable, it won’t take up much room on your kitchen counter. In addition, this product was created to retain the nutrients and vitamins in the meal.

It comes with a 1.2-meter cord that allows you to move the cooktop around as needed. This induction burner has six preset settings to assist you in preparing Indian food. All you have to do now is combine all of the ingredients in a pan, place it on an induction cooktop, select your option, and walk away. It will cook and then turn off when the meal is finished.

This device has a cool touch start technology that allows for safer and no-flame cooking, reducing the risk of injury even further.

The auto-off feature turns off the device, allowing the food to cook securely without spoiling. Furthermore, it uses 2100 watts of power to cook food in less time. Moreover, the product comes with a one-year manufacturer’s guarantee from the date of purchase.

If money isn’t an issue and you want an enhanced version of this induction cooktop, consider the Philips Viva Collection HD4929. It contains 10 preset Indian menus, although most of the functions are comparable.

  • Digital touch for ease of use
  • Consume 2100Watts
  • 0 to 3-hour time setting
  • Programmed for Indian cooking
  • High-quality glass panel
  • It comes at affordable prices
  • 24hours of delayed cooking time
  • Auto-shutoff feature for safety
  • 1-year warranty
  • No voltage regulator
  • Produces noise

AmazonBasics 1300 Watts Induction Cooktop

AmazonBasics 1300 Watts Induction Cooktop With its inexpensive and efficient home and kitchen products, AmazonBasics is a well-known local brand.

Its 1300 Watt cooker is one of the most cost-effective options for homemakers trying to save money on such giant expenditures. However, it is only suited for flat-bottomed iron and steel containers with a diameter of 14.5 to 16 cm and a bottom thickness of more than 1.5mm.

It is effective in the kitchen, with eight pre-programmed Indian selections. Its design allows it to heat milk and create curries, dosas, idlis, and chapatis. It also prepares recipes that require deep frying or pressure cooking.

With simple push-button control, you can quickly use this induction cooktop with 6 power settings. With its 1300 Wattage power supply, you can enjoy low-maintenance, hassle-free cooking in no time.

It features a 1.35m long BIS-certified plug cord for increased reliability and safety. Furthermore, the cooktop is subjected to rigorous international standards for safety and performance.

This induction cooktop has many safety features, so even beginners may operate it without any problems. It also features an ‘Auto Standby’ quality that keeps it safe even if no pan or vessel is placed on it. It also contains a residual heat indicator and an auto cooling fan. As a result, even after the cooking operation is over, the fan continues to run to cool the residual heat. It also has a thermostat cut-off that can be reset to protect against overheating.

This AmazonBasics cooker has a low noise level of 65dB. As a result, you’ll have a relaxing cooking experience.

As a result, it provides a variety of effective cooking modes for trouble-free cooking within a budget. It also comes with a one-year warranty, which means you can get free repair services if anything goes wrong.

  • Best preferable for Indian cooking
  • You can even make recipes of deep fry and pressure cooking modes.
  • Better safety features like auto standby mode, BIS certified plug, residual heat indicator, and thermostat
  • Longer power cord
  • Quiet operation
  • Shock-proof
  • Easy to clean
  • It comes at an affordable price.
  • One-year warranty
  • Not suitable for vessels made of ceramics, glass, copper, aluminium, and bronze.
  • Preferred to use flat bottomed cooking utensils but not for uneven, concave, curved, or round-bottomed ones.
  • No timer option

Prestige 1200Watts Induction Cooktop

Best induction cooker in indiaPrestige was one of the first brands in India to introduce induction cooktops. In the kitchen appliance market, this brand is well-known, trustworthy, and rapidly expanding.

The PIC 20 model provides the highest performance and efficiency of their various induction cooktop alternatives. In addition, this product is an excellent addition to your bright kitchen because of its elegant, sleek design and brilliant black colour. The previous model for it was Prestige Pic 16.0.

Because this product only has one burner, it is minimal and portable. You can take it everywhere, including picnics, housewarmings, and other gatherings. Even though this product provides quick and constant heating with excellent efficiency, it only consumes 1200Watts of power.

Prestige PIC 20 has a one-of-a-kind power-saving technology that monitors the temperature of the cooking utensil and regulates the power level based on the size of the knife. In addition, this product’s anti-magnetic wall ensures that heat is created exclusively in the core and prevents magnetic radiation from spreading into the surrounding area.

The built-in automatic voltage regulator protects against voltage fluctuations and ensures that the load is taken up by the appliance gradually. This ensures the product’s resilience and lifespan. In addition, the procedural computer control ensures that the power is automatically adjusted, allowing for more efficient cooking.

Leave the appliance on for an extended time, and it will automatically shut off to prevent food waste and harmful circumstances. Because the product’s surface is flat and smooth, it’s simple to clean and maintain. After the gadget has cooled down, wiping it down with a wet or dry towel is adequate.

Soft feature feather touch buttons for regulating the temperature and manipulating other functions are included with the Prestige PIC 20. In addition, the manufacturer consists of an Indian menu with preset features for chapatti, curry, dosa, idli, and other dishes. Using the buttons, you can activate and select the required application.

Stainless steel pots, stainless steel rice cookers, oil boiling pots, colour pots, cast iron pots, stainless steel water jugs, and grilling iron plates can all be used to throw iron frying pots. Every piece of induction cookware must have a flat bottom. The manufacturer offers a one-year warranty.

  • Compact and portable
  • Consumes only 1200 Watts
  • Power saver technology
  • In-built Indian menu
  • Anti-magnetic wall
  • Automatic voltage regulator
  • Easy maintenance
  • Soft feature touch button
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Aerodynamic cooling system
  • 1-year warranty
  • Poor customer service
  • Packaging is not up to the mark
  • Makes noise

iBell 2000Watts Glass Induction Cooktop

iBell 2000Watts Glass Induction CooktopAlthough iBELL is a native Indian brand, it has established a strong market position by supplying reasonably priced, high-quality, and efficient products. In addition, their Induction cooktop range is designed to meet all of your cooking needs, both complex and straightforward.

The single glass on the IBL Cloud 4 type induction cooktop is sleek, attractive, and high tempered. Because it’s small and portable, it won’t take up much room on your kitchen counter. In addition, this device uses high-quality coils to provide consistent temperature cooking every time.

This product is worth every penny you spend because of its wide voltage adaptability and multipurpose capabilities. In addition, this cooktop will immediately shut off the heating process if it becomes too hot. This reduces the risk of burns and potential mishaps.

This one, like the others on the list, has seven pre-programmed cooking settings. Aside from that, you can use the controls to alter the temperature to your liking.

This cooktop has a comprehensive and even cooking range, making it simple to prepare vast quantities of food. The gadget comes with an LED display that shows the temperature levels and timings. You can preset the cooking time with the timer option.

  • High-quality coils
  • Auto-shutoff safety protection
  • Overheat protection
  • Super wide voltage adaptability
  • Multiple functions
  • High-quality crystal glass
  • 4 digital LED display
  • Makes some noise

Usha 1600Watts Induction Cooktop

Usha 1600Watts Induction CooktopCustomers in India and overseas have rewarded the creators of Usha International Company with faith and respect for their high-performing products. Usha has expanded into new fields (kitchen appliances) in the last decade and has been praised for its high quality and low prices.

This cooktop’s portable design makes it simple to use and maintain for a long time. It comes in a black hue, and the top surface is composed of ceramic plates to distribute heat to the containers properly. This product’s attractive and functional design readily fits into modern kitchens and provides a lot of value.

The extra-long cord makes it simple to use the device in any location. In addition, the 5 pre-programmed cooking options – milk, chapatti, braise, hot pot, and fry – make it simple to prepare your favorite dish.

This Usha induction cooktop requires 2000 watts of power and operates at a 220-240 V voltage, making it highly efficient in the kitchen. In addition, this induction cooktop saves electricity by heating the utensil rather than the entire ceramic plate.

The touch panel’s push buttons can also be used to set the timer and temperature. The readings are displayed on the LED display unit, and a heat indicator indicates the current heating temperature. It also comes with dual heat sensors.

  • Power saving intelligence
  • 5 preset menus
  • Extra-long cord
  • 1600Watts power consumption
  • Pan sensor technology
  • Resistant to voltage fluctuation
  • Backed with a 1-year warranty
  • Variable temperature and timer settings
  • The instruction manual is not simple to understand

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How induction cooker works

Electromagnetism is used to power induction cookers. A coil of copper wire is installed below the cooking surface (which is usually constructed of glass-ceramic), above which the cooking vessel is put. A magnetic field is created by an alternating current flowing through the coil. The magnetic field induces a current in the ship that is kept above the cooking surface.

The current running generates resistive heating in the vessel through the cooking surface, which heats the food in the vessel. Unlike a gas or electric stove, which heats the entire area around the ship, an induction cooker heats the container. As a result, less heat is wasted, keeping the kitchen cool.

Induction cooker in Indian kitchen and cookware

An induction cooker may create the majority of Indian dishes that are cooked regularly in every home. Some induction cooker makers also provide specially designed ovens with Indian cooking functions. However, some Indian foods, such as pulkas (chapattis), can be challenging to prepare.

To use an induction cooker, you must need suitable cookware. Utensils made of ferromagnetic (magnetic) materials such as iron and steel are the only ones that can be used. Place a magnet at the base of your existing cookware to see whether it clings; if it does, your cookware is compatible.

Buying Guide About Best Induction Cooker in India

Here are some reasons which you should factor in before buying the Best Induction Cooker in India:

Wattage: The entire cooking time is influenced by the power of the induction cooktop. To put it another way, the higher the wattage, the quicker the cooking. However, if you purchase a more oversized cooktop, more watts will be necessary. For everyday use, anything between 1800W and 2100W is ideal.

Menu Preset modes: Look for induction cooktops that cover the foods you consume the most. For example, to increase customer convenience, businesses have included alternatives such as roti, milk boiling, and vegetables frying on the stovetop, so all you have to do is click a button, and you’ll have it without having to do it anything manually.

Size of the Pan: The induction cooktop will not detect and heat the pan if it is smaller or larger than the suitable size. As a result, look for cookware compatible with the induction cooktop or fits the coil size.

Pan detection: This intelligent function prevents the cooktop from operating unless it detects a suitable-sized pan on the stove. As a result, when you remove the pan, the cooking will also come to a halt.

Auto Shut Off: A must-have feature for the current lifestyle, the device will automatically shut off to save electricity if you neglect to remove the pot from the stovetop; Ibell has this feature.

Overflow Protection: If any liquid is spilt over the stove, the cooktop will immediately turn off or make a sound.

A child looks: Even if you don’t have children in the house, invest in a cooktop with a child lock to prevent unauthorized use.

Frequently Asked Questions – Best Induction Cooker in India

Gas cooktops vs. induction cooktops: which is faster?

Induction cooktops are the quicker of the two options. They function by directly delivering heat to the cooking equipment without any heat loss. With gas cooktops, this is not the case. Furthermore, some modern induction cooktops have anti-magnetic barriers that prevent magnetic energy from dissipating.

How can induction cooktops save you time and money?

Induction cooktops come with pre-programmed timers. Setting the timing for each cooking operation saves time because you don’t have to watch the food cook. Instead, you may focus on other parts of cooking and kitchen work with induction cooktops.

Which of the two processes is economical?

When subsidized LPG cooking is considered, it is less expensive than induction cooktops. Otherwise, induction cooktops are the most cost-effective option.

Few Words to Conclude…

Induction cooktops have become a viable alternative for saving both time and money with today’s hectic schedules. Furthermore, as compared to gas stoves, they are more energy-efficient and safe.

Check out our buying guide about the best induction cooker in india if you’re not sure what to look for when buying an induction cooktop. We hope it answers your questions and assists you in making an informed decision.

From the list of best induction cooker in India, we recommend Philips Induction Cooktop. It uses 2100 watts of power and has ten preset menu selections for cooking the food you want. Furthermore, the device comes with a one-year warranty, allowing the user to visit the local service centre to install new spare parts, lowering repair expenses.

Still, if you’re having trouble deciding which induction cooktop is best for your home, read the article’s buying recommendations. If you have any queries or concerns about induction cooktops, please let us know in the comments area. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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