Best Bluetooth Headphones in India

Wireless technology is gaining traction around the world, and audio companies are increasingly focusing on wireless headphones. Bluetooth headphones are becoming more popular, and they are now capable of providing good audio quality without the use of analogue connections. Active Noise Cancellation, playback controls, and other features are included in the best Bluetooth headphones. Over the last few years, we’ve observed an increase in the number of audio companies launching Bluetooth headphones in India.

The tech wasn’t always as dependable as it is now, and the best Bluetooth headphones may sometimes match the sound of wired headphones. The price of Bluetooth headphones in India varies from around 1,000 rupees, so you can easily find one to suit your needs and budget. To make your purchase selection more accessible, we’ve compiled a list of the best Bluetooth headphones in India.

Best Bluetooth Headphones In India [2021 Best Sellers]

This tutorial compares and contrasts the best Bluetooth headphones in India to help you choose the best Bluetooth headphone:


Best Bluetooth Headphones in IndiaThe Sony Mark 4s are the successors of the famous Sony WH-1000XM3 noise-cancelling headphones. They have increased noise cancellation and sound quality, making them one of the most impressive noise-cancelling headphones on the market.

Even though the current model includes the same 40mm drivers and QN1 processor as the WH-1000XM3, the sonic character has been modified from the consumer-friendly bass bias of the Mark 3 to a sound signature that is much closer to balance in the new Mark 4.

The Sony WH-1000XM4’s ANC performance has also increased significantly over its predecessor. In addition, the headphones offer a 30-hour battery life and a rapid charge feature for when you need to recharge your headphones quickly. Touch controls are also included, allowing you to control music playing and phone calls. The headphones also provide premium features like wear detection and quick attention mode.

Best Bluetooth Headphones in India

boAt Rockerz 255 Sports

Best Bluetooth Headphones in IndiaThe look and feel of the boAt Rockerz 255 Sports design are solid. It’s made of high-quality metal and features a snug fit. The cables are strong, flexible, and durable. The ear tip is soft and fits comfortably in the ear.

The aesthetics are fantastic. Then there are the features that are included. The Qualcomm CSR 8635 chipset allows for Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity. This makes working straightforward. It also has IPX 5 certification, which makes it sweat and water-resistant. The sound quality is excellent, with a lot of basses. It also has CVC noise cancellation, which ensures high-quality voice calls.

Furthermore, these bracelets have a 6-hour battery life. It also has fast charging capabilities, with 45 minutes of playback duration after only 15 minutes of charging. It also has a dual connection, which is a pleasant surprise.

Finally, but certainly not least, it comes with a one-year warranty.

Best Bluetooth Headphones in India

Boult Audio ProBass Curve

Best Bluetooth Headphones in IndiaThe plastic Boult Audio ProBass Curve has a band and wired earbuds. The shape is curved to ensure that it fits comfortably around your neck. The ear tips are at a 60-degree slant and adequately work in the ear. Vibrant and bold colours are available.

It also includes an in-built microphone for better call clarity. In addition, these earphones are IPX5 rated, which means they can withstand water and sweat. It also has noise isolation to mute any external noises.

Qualcomm’s CSR8635 Bluetooth chip powers it. It also offers a bass boost for improved sound quality. In addition, it boasts a 12-hour battery life and a 2-hour charging time for extensive listening times.

The Boult Audio ProBass Curve Wireless Neckband Earphones include 12-hour battery life and the newest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, as well as an IPX5 rating. Another feather in its product hat is sweatproof headphones with microphones. Overall, with all of the functions packed into this little package, it is a beautiful deal for users.


Best Bluetooth Headphones in IndiaThe Shure AONIC 50 has good low-end active noise cancelling and can compete with the top two models in this category. Furthermore, compared to the Sonys, which only support the first three, these headphones support a wide range of codecs, including SBC, AAC, LDAC, aptX, aptX HD, and aptX Low Latency. Nonetheless, both headphones have excellent sound quality, with the Shure AONIC 50 has a slightly closer to neutral sound profile than the Sony WH-1000XM4.

While this sound profile is ideal for critical listening, you might find it a little too restricted and controlled if you’re a casual music listener. The headphones have a 20-hour battery life and may be used to listen to music through a USB-C connection if customers prefer to listen to music passively rather than wirelessly. The Shure AONIC 50 features fine leather earcups and a stylish design.

Sony WH-1000XM3

Best Bluetooth Headphones in IndiaWhen it initially came out, the Sony WH-1000XM3 set the standard for Active Noise Cancellation, and even though it is no longer the latest and greatest, it still performs admirably. Additionally, with the release of the Sony Mark 4s, these headphones are available at a significant discount. The headphones have a pleasant sound profile, great Active Noise Cancellation, and a long battery life. The headphones also offer gesture controls for music and calls. For example, when you place your palm on the right earcup, a rapid attention mode turns off noise cancellation and pauses the audio.

You may now have a brief conversation with that without having to remove your headphones. The headphones produce an expansive, open sound that allows each instrument to breathe. They have more bass than their successors, the Sony WH-1000XM4, yet the bass isn’t boomy or muddy.

V-MODA Crossfade

Best Bluetooth Headphones in IndiaBecause they are put through rigorous MIL-STD-810G military-level testing, the V-Moda Crossfade 2 Wireless Codex is one of the most durable headphones on the market. They’re also sound-wise adaptable, as they support AAC and aptX, as well as hi-res wired listening in addition to wireless listening. However, compared to most other headphones on our list, its battery life is a little lacking, clocking in at only 14 hours. If you’re an audiophile, you’ll like the integrated amp/DAC and 50mm dual-diaphragm speakers that come standard with these headphones.

The resulting sound profile is energizing, powerful, and detailed, and it works well with a wide range of musical genres. Rose Gold, Matte Black, and Matte White are the three colours offered for the headphones. These have buttons that allow you to pause/play music, adjust volume, answer phone calls, and more. The headphones are exquisite and well-constructed.

Apple AirPods Pro

Best Bluetooth Headphones in IndiaApple’s in-ear true Bluetooth headphones, the AirPods Pro, have a lot going for them. They have Active Noise Cancellation, Transparency Mode, silicone ear tips, an IP certification, a configurable EQ, and a total battery life of 24 hours. For a small pair of in-ears, it’s quite a feature set. In addition, these earphones’ touch controls, which are located on the short stem, are reliable and sensitive and can be used to control music, ANC, and calls. With ANC turned on, the earbuds perform an excellent job of blocking out external noise and have a decent battery life of 4.5 hours on the buds themselves.

They’re also resistant to moisture and water. If you’re an iOS user, this is a good TWS to have because it’s the most functionally compatible with iOS devices. In addition, when watching video on your smartphone or tablet, the Apple H1 chip offers low latency.

Best Bluetooth Headphones in India- Buying Guide

  1. What are the best Bluetooth headphones in India?

We’ve done a lot of research to help you with all these questions, and our findings are there in front of you. We’ve compiled a list of the best wireless headphones and headphones, complete with features, benefits, and drawbacks.

Now it’s up to you to figure out what works best for you and what features you want within a reasonable price.

  1. What should I look for when buying headphones (Buying Guide)?
  • Fitting & build quality

This is the most critical factor to consider before purchasing any Bluetooth earphone in India. So you can listen to music for long periods without experiencing ear strain or frustration with the comfortable fit.

Furthermore, a well-fitting earphone is ideal for exercise or running because it does not fall out of your ears. On the other hand, no matter how fantastic the sound quality is, you will sacrifice comfort if you buy a wireless earphone that does not fit well.

Simultaneously, build quality is critical for long-term durability. If the build quality is high, you may expect your Bluetooth headset to survive longer.

My recommendation is to always choose wireless headphones with an ergonomic design for greater comfort and fit.

  • Battery backup is a must

Let’s say you buy a wireless earphone that only lasts about 2 hours. It will destroy your music time due to its inability to provide adequate battery backup. When listening to music, the battery backup must last at least 6 hours, and on calls, it must last at least 4 hours.

You should also look to see if the earphone comes with a charging case.

  • Sound quality & mic

Sound quality is the most critical factor to consider because it is the foundation of every Bluetooth earphone. Unfortunately, the excellent quality of these earbuds is often poor. Always seek out the high-definition stereo sound. And if the brand (for example, -boAt, JBL) offers their characteristic HD excellent sound, there’s no need to be concerned.

Second, the microphone is necessary for making hands-free calls and using voice assistants such as Google and Siri. Unfortunately, some wireless earbuds do not include an inbuilt microphone, which you should avoid as much as possible.

  • Noise cancellation- not recommended if not of your use

Active noise cancellation blocks any unwanted sounds during playback, allowing you to focus solely on the music.

However, only a small percentage of wireless earphones provide good noise canceling.

If you are convinced that this component is essential, perform a thorough study before purchasing. You’re okay with it if it’s not.

  • Sweatproof

If you’re going to work out with it, a sweatproof Bluetooth earphone is a requirement. Because an IPX-rated wireless earbud can soak up all of your sweat, you can concentrate on your workout.

If you get caught in the rain, such earbuds don’t take much damage. Nevertheless, I recommend including this feature in your requirement because it is pretty handy, and most models have it.

  • Price

If you spend all of your money on a Bluetooth earphone with features you don’t desire, you’re not getting a fair value. Make an informed judgment and make a priority list.

What features do you seek in a Bluetooth earphone? For example, is it better to have noise cancellation, a waterproof design, or a microphone?

After that, consider how much you’ll have to pay to have all the features you want. I will never pay more than is necessary.

  • User reviews

Last but not least, customer reviews play a significant role in the decision-making process.

We have always offered user reviews to our visitors so that they can save time. So look at what other people have to say about the sound quality, battery life, and noise cancellation.

To summarise, always choose a Bluetooth earphone with an overall rating of at least 3.8.

These are the most critical considerations to make when making a purchase.

  1. Which brand is best for wireless earphones?
  • Apple
  • boAt
  • JBL
  • Samsung
  • Sony
  1. Do wireless headphones last longer than wired?

Of course, there’s no deal with all those wires that used to break after a few months. But, it only has to be charged for a few minutes when it comes to the battery.

As a result, Bluetooth earphones should last longer than wired earphones.

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